Install Classic Hardwood Flooring

Install Classic Hardwood Flooring

Explore the different types of hardwood

If you’re looking for a flooring option that will stand the test of time, hardwood flooring is hard to beat. Premier Flooring offers hardwood sales and installation services to contractors, homeowners and business owners throughout the Central City area. We have 20+ years of experience working with floors, so you can trust that you’re choosing the right flooring experts.

We can show you a range of hardwood flooring options, including:

  • Heartland Hardwood
  • Summerset Hardwood
  • Bruce Hardwood
Check out our diverse selection when you stop by our showroom.

Choose us for hardwood flooring installation

In addition to offering competitive prices on raw materials, we also offer professional flooring installation services. We understand that everyone’s needs and tastes are different, so we’ll talk with you to get a feel for your vision help you choose the right hardwood for your interior.

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